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Spiritual Gatherings In London 


I hold a spiritual group online every fortnight. I like to call it an Emerald Heart Gathering as it is this particular light stream - the Light of the Emerald Heart - that I call upon to support these events. I have worked with this light over many years and carry it deep within my own heart.  

We can say therefore that I carry this light as well as channel it and the groups I hold provide a space for others to sit in this beautiful light with me. As well as being the Principle of the Emerald Heart School, I have studied a number of energetic and spiritually based approaches in real depth over the many years of my own seeking and so I can draw on the wisdom of any of these to aid those present. 

During the evening, we usually do some meditation, discuss things coming up for people or a particular subject that feels pertinent, all from a perspective of deep spiritual understanding. The Light will always seek to open the hearts of all those present and participants are often surprised at the insight or wisdom that suddenly starts flowing through them.

The events provide practical insight for everyone and are a genuinely empowering experience for all those attending, leaving them looking happy and much more shiny than when they arrived. For very deep personal issues, one to one consultations are the appropriate way to go but we will often find ourselves looking into an issue that is common for all those present and which is revealed for us to see the truth of. 


I also hold a yearly retreat which I use to take people on a much deeper journey than is possible in a two hour fortnightly group. These are truly magical experiences that create lasting change in those that commit to their own evolution in this way. Please email myself for more information. 


The exchange for the fortnightly Gatherings is £10. To be added to my invitation list please just send me an email. 

Spiritual Groups London
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