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 Spirit & Entity Clearance

This is an area of work that the healing and spiritual community is finally waking up to. From my own experiences in this field it is a far more complex problem than is often understood by even many out there now offering clearance work.

From a young age I have been aware of other beings of various types, disincarnate human and animal spirits, entities of varying degrees of nastiness as well as helper beings, here to aid humans. For a lot of years I was troubled by parasitic types of attachment and it took a long time to feel that I was finally free of their negative influence. When I began working with people, first as a Chi Gong Teacher then as an Emerald Heart Practitioner it didn’t take long for these types of problems to become visible to me in the people I was working with.

Over the years of clearing these kinds of negative influences from firstly myself and then the many people I have helped in this kind of way, I have had increasing levels of success to the point where I can say I have become somewhat of an expert in this particular field. Unlike many who do clearance work, I know that removing the troublesome being is very often not sufficient, as discovering the reason for the parasitic attachment is usually just as important to prevent the same kind of problem re-occurring.

How Do I Know If I Have a Spirit Attachment?


There are certain indicators of a problem of this nature although they can be misleading as they may well be caused by something different such as damage to the energy system. Sometimes it can be both. There are some classic symptoms of spirit or entity attachment that are certainly suggestive, such as hearing voices and feeling possessed or taken over in some way - a sense that there is more than one driver of the car so to speak. If something has got in recently, then a sudden change in thought patterns and heightened emotional states of a problematic nature can be a big clue. Entities tend to feed on our more destructive emotional states and so a persistent emotion over many years such as strong anger can lead to an attachment by something angry or may even be causing much of the anger in the first place. Sometimes it is even possible to discern a strange smell, especially where something quite demonic is involved. Unless a person is particularly sensitive it is often very hard to spot an entity influence if it is deep inside the energy system and has been there for many years. As a skilled and experienced practitioner in this field I can discern if there is an entity influence is present and work to release it. 

"One aspect of help offered by Tim and the Emerald Heart is something that is perhaps not easily talked about but which has been of essential importance in my wellbeing, is that of entity clearance. This is not for everyone, as the idea that we are directly attacked and undermined by dark, parasitic and malicious forces is not something you may choose to dwell upon or believe in.  However, I have had a lot of trouble from these, including  demons within my aura and ghosts living in my house and place of work. These entities are very common,  and they sap your life force, and even provoke you to experience negative emotions so that they can feed off them.  They also give a bad feeling to the places where they reside. The Guides of the Emerald Heart can effectively and safely remove these completely, and being  released from their influence is liberating. With Tim’s confidence and careful attention to detail there is nothing to fear."

Alyss Thomas, Psychotherapist & Emerald Heart Student, Plymouth

What Can Cause a Spirit or Entity Attachment

It may be that the person has a weakness or damage of some kind in the subtle energy field that allows them in, and so it is also necessary to repair the energy system. It may be that the person needs to desist from some behaviour that is detrimental to them and if so I help them to also overcome that. Often some aspect of the person's subconscious pulls these beings in to prevent their growth - they are a victim of their own subconscious self sabotage. It is important then to unlock this pattern within them. This can be tricky but I have a good success rate with this if the person follows the Guidance that comes through me.

Sometimes from the big picture of the evolution of the individual, it is possible to discern the hand of the Divine, in that they may be given these negative attachments in order that they then seek the necessary help. Through this seeking and the right kind of help and Guidance they begin to develop spiritually. It becomes clear then, that if the person doing the clearing is not like myself and lacks the ability to see with the necessary level of depth into the person’s life path, and simply removes things it is very likely they will keep having this happen over and over again. Very often those that come to me have been through this scenario and are often surprised by how easy it is when done in the right way, with the right understanding and with powerful enough tools.

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