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I use one to one consultations to tease out and untangle the threads of a person’s life - the issues they are struggling with, their fears, torment and resistance as well as their strengths, qualities, gifts and desires. It is from this ‘picture’ of their life I am readily able to discern where they are on their Path and how best to aid them to move beyond their limitations. I view everything from the perspective of growth, both spiritual and practical as both are fundamentally important. I am intuitively guided to know where to intercede to get things moving for them and where to shine light to have the best affect for them.


Sometimes a person only needs to see me once, sometimes a number of times but as I work by phone, Skype or in person geography is no obstacle. I rarely speak with a person more than on a monthly basis, so this is very different from even the most spiritually based counselling, both in its approach and in the tools used. This really is healing and evolutionary work of the highest order. Essentially, I am always looking to further open the deeper consciousness of the heart of the seeker.

This may necessitate any number of approaches such as using High Vibrational Liquid Light essences from the Emerald Heart range or Light Programmes precisely targeted in such a way as to dissolve some aspect of darkness or to repair the subtle energy system. As I am connecting the person into an extremely advanced light consciousness this invariably has profound effects on the stimulation of their evolution. This happens because their own natural light is stimulated in such a way that their own deeper consciousness opens and expands. All healing work is therefore directly geared to the growth of the heart - problems are targeted because they are obstacles to this growth.

These obstacles can take many forms - fear patterns, spirit or entity attachment, energy system damage, past life issues or karmic patterns, subconscious sabotage etc. Anything that prevents a person’s positive development by creating issues of unworthiness that constantly trip them up.

Over years of working with my own issues and those of others, there is very little I have not encountered and although sometimes people come to me with seemingly insurmountable problems I always seem to be able to find a way to help them move forward. Sometimes it really is a quick fix solution, other times it is more of a step by step process but always there is a steady progression towards the life that their Higher Self is trying to guide them towards.

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