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Spiritual Development & Evolution

Everything I do is geared one way or another to the evolution of the person who reaches out to me for help. Some come seeking help with a practical issue, such as leaving a relationship or job that no longer serves them yet they feel too scared to leave. I help them to find the necessary courage to do what they need to do. I help them to grow and through that growth begin to create a life that is more in line with the person they really are.

Problems Are a Path to Growth

It may well be that a person comes to me seeking help with a lack of energy, emotional disturbance or a suspicion that something negative is attached to them. My role is to help those who come to me  seeking help, do so from a spiritually based understanding that helps them to understand where they are in terms of their own development and how to grow further.

Others come consciously seeking spiritual development, they are on a fast track but know something is in the way of this or are looking to connect with the right means for the growth they are seeking. Now, it is often the case that these conscious seekers will need help with energy system repair, spirit attachment or practical life issues as well but they already know that they are here to develop spiritually. They may have a sense that they have done significant work in past lives and feel frustrated that in this life they don’t feel they are where they need to be.

"My experience of Tim Dyson has been principally in his role as my mentor for my own Emerald Heart practice and experiencing his presence at retreats and

gatherings. Tim is a very powerful and experienced practitioner who has an exceptionally strong intuitive insight into the issues his ( or my) clients are facing.

He is able to express his views clearly and give decisive energetic help towards his clients solving whatever issue is looming. I have learnt to trust his judgement implicitly." 

Nicholas Berwin, 

Emerald Heart Essence & Program Practitioner

Spiritual Development & Evolution
Conscious Spiritual Seekers

Oftentimes the already conscious seekers that find their way to me become students, as well as clients, and may well engage with and train in approaches that the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment offers. They may already be healers or teachers in their own right who are looking for their next step or to become better at what they already do.

These clients or students can sometimes be the hardest to help, as either their unworthiness causes self sabotage, or their egos can be rather inflated creating a delusional idea of where they are at.

Although it is not always easy to speak the truth to a person, I know that if I do not gently guide them to the truth then I am not serving them well. The role of a true Spiritual Teacher is not an easy or a comfortable one but I am long past the point of being overly concerned about that. I have an absolute knowing that I have the insight, the ability, the tools and the courage to help all those who come to me for help.

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