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About Timothy Dyson


As a child, I was particularly sensitive to energy and to the spirit realms, both the helpful and the less than beneficial, essentially I was seeing into 5th dimensional reality, which was problematic because I had no one to help me understand what I was seeing and experiencing.  By the time I reached my teenage years, I was struggling to cope with these experiences and to some degree shut down this deeply intuitive side of myself, which a lot of very sensitive young people do when they don’t have anyone to guide them.

What followed then was a long phase as a punk rocker and rebel, in which I sought to change the injustice and pain of the world through revolution. This period of my life was very wild to say the least and it led to my health deteriorating in the late eighties. Faced with the choice of imminent death or a radical change in lifestyle, I opted for the latter. My focus now was on rebuilding my health which brought me in turn to a Conscious Spiritual Path. From focusing outward at the wrongs of society I was now on a path of seeking an inner freedom.


Subsequently, I studied with a number of eminent teachers and masters worldwide for 30 years. From Chi Gong, leading into Kundalini practices and then directly working with Light and Consciousness with the Emerald Heart Light. In the healing of physical problems I have had to go deeply into the core of myself to heal things on so many different levels. I have been through the most extreme and terrifying energetic experiences; as well as those that were intensely uplifting, inspiring and humbling. I have been on a crazy beautiful journey.


Some fifteen years ago now I knew I was at the point where I had too much experience and understanding not to be teaching others. During the different stages of my life I have been through much, have met all types of people and have gleaned much about what makes people tick. I have an emotional intelligence which combined with my being naturally intuitive means I relate easily with others. I have much to draw on when guiding my students and clients safely and consistently along their own paths.

Some come to me looking for help to overcome certain things and then move on quickly. This can be as practical as someone finding the courage to leave a job or relationship, in which case I would dissolve the fears that are keeping them prisoner and activate their courage.

It may be something more complex that a person needs help with, such as being the prisoner of deeply held subconscious patterns that they don’t even know are controlling them, or they may need help with the removal of a spirit or entity that has attached itself to them.  Some are looking for a spiritual guide and Teacher and become students as I aid them in becoming Teachers in their own right. Others still, have a Teacher or are already working as Teachers but are looking to take things to the next level. All of whom I help, guide and teach.​

Previous Training & Study

Below is a snapshot of my training to date, which has brought me to my present level of evolution. I call upon a broad mix of ancient wisdom, knowledge and experience combined with a powerfully unique Light Source to unlock the consciousness of spiritual seekers. 


Studied with John Tindall for 3 years, 1993 - 1996
John Tindall is a legendary Acupuncturist and powerful Shamanic teacher who combines aspects from several teachings and practices from traditional Chi Gong and shamanic sources.

Studied with Master Xian Wang for 3 years, 1994 – 1997 
Master Xian Wang’s HUA GONG evolved from a meridian-based transformational Chi Gong practice, into subtle and Esoteric Light Work. 

Studied with Master I Ping Wang for 2 years, 1996 – 1997

Confronting the blocks within the system using words as the medium, I studied SHEN CHI in Croatia and London with Master I Ping Wang – famous for being such a strong channel that people pass out and can’t stand up in her presence. 

Studied with Master Shen Houngxun for 4 years, 1997 - 2010

Training in the practice of TAICHIWUXIGONG, a powerful method whose focus is on combining Vibrational Earth Energy with Lower Dantian Vibrational Energy to cleanse through the body, emptying it and thereby encouraging heaven energy to enter the system, making a powerful and balancing mix within the body.

Studied with the Balinese Energy Master Ratu Bagus for 10 years, 1999 - 2009 
Considered a true ‘living Master,’ The Shaking Practice of Ratu Bagus uses a direct Kundalini approach and is a deep cleansing practice. It is very 5th dimensional and in some ways rather Shamanic, it uses the energy of the sun a lot and is famous for its loving laughing energy.

Working with the English Master David Ashworth originator of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment since, 2002 until the present.

My work with David focuses primarily on deep Spiritual Growth. It is an unrelenting evolutionary approach that seeks to unlock the Truths in the Heart of the spiritual aspirant, thereby generating forward movement and ability to carry higher light.

I’m working primarily in the area of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, using Channelled Light and Guidance combined with Vibrational Essences as the driving force for Evolution. After some 6 years of continuous work, I became one of very few who was invited to train in the Inner Mysteries of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, founded by David. I am now the Principle of the Emerald Heart School, a position of merit that reflects the level of growth and understanding I have attained

My Teaching Today is an esoteric mix of some quite incredible approaches studied and practised since around 1993, all of which are individually fine-tuned to the needs of each individual.

 If you have been searching for the answers to deep internal problems then I will help you. 

If you are serious about embarking upon a true spiritual path that will unlock your consciousness then I will help you.

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