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Energy System Balance & Repair

As well as the cleaning and balancing of a person’s subtle energy system, sometimes people need actual repair work in order to heal their energy system. I mostly use Light Programmes for this work, for they contain the necessary light and power. My role is to see and understand the problem sufficiently that I can communicate with Guidance what we need to take place. As I work in a 5th dimensional manner, it is not difficult to discern where and what the problem is and how to set up the Programme for it to be fixed.

There are so many aspects to a person’s energy system, far more than most healers can perceive and pretty much anything in this complex system of ‘plumbing’ can go wrong. The list of what can go wrong is really rather endless; Earth Link separation; burnt out Crown Chakra filters; damage or distortion in the Chakras; heart centre problems that can be of amazing complexity, tears in the aura, to name just a few. Rather than just blasting the problem with a lot of healing energy, that often makes things far worse, I use my 5th Dimensional vision to first see and then to understand the complexity of the problem. By using the power of a Light Programme and the precision work of the Emerald Heart Guides, things can be repaired very quickly, even aspects of the system that have been damaged for most of a person’s life.

It really is a fascinating process and I am constantly amazed myself by what is possible when working at this level.

How Do I know If I have Damage in My Energy system?

Just as there are so many things that can go wrong in a person's energy system, so the Symptomatology can be vastly different. Symptoms range from:

  • Extreme anxiety or even paranoia

  • A complete loss of energy

  • A feeling of there being no anchor or connection to the ground

  • Extreme pain in some part of the body

  • Over sensitivity to environmental or other people’s energy 

  • Loss of or possibly never having had any sense of self

  • Feelings of being invisible to others, that you cannot be heard or seen

  • Feel totally separate from your own emotions


The list is endless, these are common examples, but all energy system issues can be explained and dealt with. Some damage symptoms can be mistaken with some kind of spirit or entity attachment and vice versa.


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