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The Emerald Heart- A  Light For Our Times

The Emerald Heart is the name given to a particular Light source or stream. The Emerald Heart Light is a unique Light that seeks to evolve the consciousness of human beings. Although all Light comes from Source, it manifests differently on our plane depending on the lineage, tradition or consciousness of the human channel of that Light. I have never come across a Light quite like this in 30 years of working world wide with a number of eminent teachers and masters world and know well the speed with which true transformation can occur when working with it.

The Emerald Heart is a Spiritual School offering a distinct Path and means leading ultimately to Enlightenment. We don’t have a centre or an Ashram, we are a group of individuals practitioners based all over the world, who have in common the Emerald Heart Light. We all have our own clients and students and we help them in different ways with this highly evolved Light Source that we call the Emerald Heart Light, and at the centre of how we work is to uplift, inspire, teach and guide others. I am one of those Practitioners, I am also the Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. We work with those that want help with healing, something in particular or those that want a teacher and a path, and all those in between. We invite people to undertake training to become a practitioner, if they desire this and after we have worked with them to a sufficient degree. 

 A Light That Reveals Truth

The Emerald Heart Light is a unique Light. It is a Light that produces very precise healing or evolutionary shifts of consciousness. It is a Light that reveals Truth and it is this Truth that will begin to set you free.

Most of us have a very deep fear of change and will try to avoid that which would trigger change within us. It’s not really our fault, our subconscious or ego self works against our evolution in this way. Often we don’t even have much sense of it sabotaging our life as it keeps us going round in tiny circles, unable too see the bigger picture of our life. This is a Light that helps you to become Free. Free to stand in your own truth and power. Free to move beyond your limitations – to be your best. Free to see beyond the limited ‘everyday mind’ into the deeper spiritual truths and the bigger picture of life. Free to begin to laugh at our own over-seriousness and to begin to enjoy life’s journey. If Freedom is your desire, and you have the courage to face the fear of change and transformation that most human beings have, then get in touch today.

I offer you the Guidance you need, to help you move step by step in a safe and consistent way on your own unique life path.

Using the High Vibrational Liquid Light Essences and Light Programmes of the Emerald Heart, we will work together to take you through the shifts and changes that are necessary for each stage of your journey.

Appointments can be face to face, via phone or Skype – so where you are in the world does not matter.

Why delay what is possibly the most important step you will take in your life?

"I find Tim's approach with the Emerald Heart Light to be intuitive and insightful. His way of working goes much deeper than other healing energies I have worked with. Tim acknowledges what I have told him with compassion and then finds an essence or if the issues are more deep rooted a full programme for me to take. The process of getting to this point is not always easy for me to hear, especially if it is around a long held belief. I have had some difficult conversations with Tim when I have been really stuck, but after appointments things always start to shift in me and I feel so much lighter. I find his energy to be clean and free from ego, he wants to help me so that my life can become more in line with my highest good. My life has improved subtly, but measurably since seeing Tim as an Emerald Heart practitioner and I am very grateful for this."

Phillipa Noronha, School Teacher, London

Spiritual Gathering & Groups

As a way to spread this wonderful Light further, I facilitate a fortnightly Spiritual Gathering. This gives those present the opportunity to sit in the Light of the Emerald Heart for an evening, and to ask questions and share in the group experience. To come together and connect with other seekers and to be uplifted in this way is a very important part of the Path. If this interests you, please get in touch.

Click for more information on my Spiritual Gatherings

For more information on the Emerald Heart, see the main website The Blog -

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