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As the Universe is bringing you through the final energies of Rebirth and New Beginnings, we are now entering a preparation wave for 2021 where you can create the opportunity to step fully into your reinforced and empowered self. 

With our Focused Formulas (4-week Light Transmissions of the Emerald Heart Light with a special focus) we offer you the opportunity to synchronize yourself with the current waves of the ever-changing Universe. This helps you live your life with ease and grace.


Benefits of the 4 Week Focused Formula:

  • Go beyond the chatter and noise of the outside world
  • Gaining and experiencing inner peace
  • Helps you stand clearly in your Inner Silence
  • Hearing the Guidance from your own Higher Self
  • Guiding you towards developing and embracing your inner strength


How does it work?
This 4 Week Formula of Light flows through all levels of the aura and chakras to help see new ways of adapting to our changing world. The Light flows directly to where it is needed based on your own Higher Self directing the Light that we provide for you.

The Emerald Heart Light flows to you directly from the Source via the Universal Laws that were given with the Light.


You don’t need to do anything
The Emerald Heart Light is an aspect of the Source and is pure consciousness. Its Universal Intelligence will feel your intention to receive our 4-week Focused Formula, which you set by your exchange.

Once you have registered, the Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart from the 1st to the 28th  November for 28 days.


SPECIAL OFFER (Value £20.00)We would like to offer you, at no charge, a Transmission of The Emerald Heart Light Essence. This essence contains pure Liquid Light and will enhance the overall effect of your 4-week Focused Formula.


I will send you instructions on how to receive this essence once you have registered.

Inner Silence, a 4-week Focused Formula

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