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As we move through the middle point of the year, the solstice, and begin to flow down the other side, much in the world has changed. What are our next steps in life as we consider the consequences of a changed and changing world? The answer is to be found in our intuition and clarity.

This Focused Formula is guided to help deepen your intuition so that you can more easily make the right decision for YOUR own life with clarity, rather than be governed by the powerful energies of the Collective Consciousness of whatever emotive issues are happening outside of you in the world.


Benefits of the 4 Week Focused Formula:

  • Greater trust in your own intuition and clarity
  • Gaining a greater feeling for your own truth
  • Seeing the truth of others with respect and compassion
  • Setting you free from the limitations of the Collective Consciousness
  • Becoming confidently free within

How does it work?

This 4 Week Formula of Light flows through all levels of the aura and chakras to stimulate and expand your intuition and gain clarity about the next steps in your life. The Light flows directly to where it is needed based on your own Higher Self directing the Light that we provide for you.

The Emerald Heart Light flows to you directly from the Source via the Universal Laws that were given with the Light.


You don’t need to do anything

The Emerald Heart Light is an aspect of the Source and is pure consciousness. Its Universal Intelligence will feel your intention to receive our 4-week Focused Formula, which you set by your exchange.

Once you have registered, the Emerald Heart Light will flow into your heart for 28 days.


Clarity on Your Next Steps in Life, a 4-week Focused Formula

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